Android phones automatically upload your mobile phone photos to Google+

Screenshot of Android 4 on Galaxy Nexus
The Android OS auto syncs photos

I was quite surprised to notice that any photographs I take on my Android phone are automatically uploaded to Google+ – these are not shared automatically but stored in a private folder, till I decide to share them. This is a good way to automatically back up your photos, but I am surprised that Google has not promoted this feature more aggressively.

I can just take photos on my Android phone and have them automatically uploaded to Google+ and later if I decide to share them, I can do so, or if I just want to keep them hidden to everyone except myself or delete them, I can do so. I do not have to connect my phone with a cable or individually upload every image. I just click a picture on my phone and it is automatically uploaded. That’s a pretty handy feature, and it turns your Android phone into a click and forget device. Once my photos are uploaded, I can see a small icon/button below the status box in Google+, which lets me share my mobile phone pics which were automatically uploaded, on my activity wall. Or I can go into the photo album and move my photos into other albums.

One problem might be – limited data plans. If you like to click a lot of photos, or you’ve got a high megapixel camera on your phone or if you just have a limited data plan like a lot of people do, you might want to turn off this automatic upload feature. It can eat up your data plan quite fast. But it will be a great feature to have, as data plans become more generous. What do you think about this feature? Will it convince you to switch to Android if you have not already done so?


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